Women Empowerment

womenempowermentGender is cross-cutting issue and the implementation to the gender policy requires commitment, participation and contribution by each and every member of SDF staff. Men and Women are equal part of the society, with matching important roles in development which cannot by fully achieved if we ignore either of them. Fifty percent of Pakistan’s population consists of females which make it extremely important that this half of population participates and contributes to development process, which will not just accelerate the pace but will make it more productive and sustainable also. To achieve this important goal “Sustainable Development Foundation” has developed its own gender policy.

The main aim of this policy is the recognition of human rights especially of women including, economic social, cultural and fundamental freedoms. SDF has actively involved women in different development activities through this gender policy.

SDF’s approach is to address and include women at all levels of development in the society on sustainable basis. SDF’s objective is to establish a positive relation between women and men in the society to eradicate unequal distribution of power and authority by empowering the deprived sector (i.e. Women). SDF is confident in successfully achieving its target by involving them in decision making process and design strategies to address their basic social and economical needs.

Women contribute a lot in diversified livelihoods activities but they are often not allowed or encouraged to participate in decision making processes and to manage financial resources. The relegation of females to only being implementers and restricting their initiative taking abilities, not only limit their productivity in the family but in the community as a whole. Violence against women is observed especially in the rural areas. Unless women are provided equal opportunities in education and other development interventions such as health, livelihoods, water and sanitation it is difficult to further the agenda of sustainable development in this area.

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