Completed Projects

S.NoName of Project/SchemeFunding SourceImpacts/TargetsDurationBudget including community/NGO share
1Community Schools ProjectSDF/CommunityTwo schools are running with 185 students successfully in remote area of Achhro Thar. Jan-2004 to Dec -201210,18,000
2Sewing MachinesTaluka Nazism08 Sewing Machines distributed among 08 windows of the area.Augest-2005 (One Month)20,000
3Empowering the SMCs in District SangharEducation & Literacy Department GoS/SEC4950 Persons
Head teachers/ Secretaries & Chairman’s of SMC of GPS were trained in District Sanghar.
Oct to Dec -20051,292,000
4Verification Survey of Girls Enrollment in Middle & High Schools of District SangharEducation & Literacy Department GoS/SEC2500 Girls Students verified & enrolled in District Sanghar.March to April 200661,000
5Conduct Election information & monitor SMCs in Elementary/High Schools of District SangharEducation & Literacy Department GoS/SECSDF has monitor the process of the election of 148 SMCs in District SangharApril to May 200674,000
6Institutional StrengtheningAshoka InternationalSDF has purchased one laptop P-ivJanuary – 2007 (One Month)30,000
7Construction community LatrinesLocal Government/ CDD/CCB30 community Latrines constructed by SDF. May-2007 to Jan-2008534,000
8Construction of Women Skill Development CentreLocal Government/ CDD/CCBBuilding of Women Skill Development Centre constructed recently.Sept-2007 to Aug-20083,081,590
9Construction of Youth Skill Development CentreLocal Government/ CDD/CCBTraining Resource Centre constructed at village Tharo Mangrio.Apr-2008 to Feb-20091,500,000
10Installation of Solar Energy UnitWWF/PCRETFour large units of Solar Energy Units installed in three villages Jan to Jun-20101,250,000
11Pitcher Irrigation ProjectWWF/IFAPThree pilots prepared with 1500 matkas with successful production of vegetables in desert area. Feb to July -2010250,000
12Installation of Bio-gas UnitsWWF/GoSSeven bio gas units installed in three villages Jul to Oct-2010560,000
13Installation of Solar Energy Units in eleven houses /villagesWWF/GoSEleven units installed in 11 villages of desert area.July -2010 (One Month)330,000
14Livelihood Support Project for poor womenWWF/IFAPFifteen (15) goats distributed among pro-poor women. Oct-2010 (One Month)150,000
15Livelihood Support Project for poor womenWWF/IFAPFive Sewing Machines provided to five poor women Jul-2011
(One Month)
16Institutional Strengthening & Advocacy ProjectGlobal Fund for Human Rights (GFHR)Institutional support of SDF on the basis of human rights advocacy campaign of indigenous people. July-2010 to June 2011425,000
17Distribution of NFIs Kits (in kind)IOM/DevconNFIs distributed among 500 flood affectees and protect their lives Sept-2011
(One Month)
18Food Items for 200 families (in kind)WWF-PakistanFood items distributed among 200 flood affected families Sept-2011
(One Month)
19Training of UC DelegatesDTCE / UNDPTraining provided 55 UC delegates and trained 935 persons July to Dec 2011330,000
20MSU - Mother and Childcare Mobile Health UnitNATPOW / UNFPAProvided care facilities to 6540 patients and 25 deliveries free of cost in taluka Jam Nawaz Ali Sept to Nov 2011640,000
21Child Rights Awareness Week / eventsDevCon / Save the ChildrenSix mega events organized by SDF/CRAN/SCI Nov 2011
(One Week)
22Conducting Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA)DevCon/Save the ChildrenCRSA data collected from 55 UCs of District. Nov to Dec 2011275,000
23Formation and Capacity building of UC Delegates District SangharDTCE/UNDPFormat union council Delegates in 55 uion councils of Sanghar district and build their capacity.Mar 2011 to May 2011865,000
24Social Mobilization of UC DelegatesDTCE/UNDPSocial mobilization for increase in membership of union council delegates.Oct 2011 to March 2012120,000
25Child Rights Advocacy SeminarDevCon / Save the ChildrenTo raise the awareness for child rights.March 2012
(One Month)
26Child Rights Advocacy Network (CRAN)DevCon / Save the ChildrenAdvocacy on child rights.May 2011 to Dec 201180,000
27Rangeland Conservation & Management Project WWF-PakistanRehabilitation of rangelands of Chotiari community area, improvement of livelihood, ecotourism and conservation of flora and fauna. Jan 2010 to Jun 20123,504,510
28Child Rights Advocacy Seminar (CRAN)DevCon/Save the ChildrenAdvocacy Seminar20-30 June 2012128,000
29Budget Analysis Training (CRAN)DevCon/Save the ChildrenTraining27 Aug to 5 Sep 201220,000
30Extension Phase Rangeland Conservation & Management Project WWF-PakistanRehabilitation of rangelands of Chotiari community area, improvement of livelihood, ecotourism and conservation of flora and fauna. August–October-20121,142,900
3116 –Days of Activism
(Campaign Against Early Girls Marriages )
Action Aid PakistanAwareness Campaign Against Early Girls Marriages in two Districts and aware 1500 people 25 Nov. to 10 December-2012140,000
32Child Rights Monitoring (CRM) ProjectDevCon/ Save the ChildrenConduct child rights monitoring in 55 Union Councils of District Sanghar through FGDs.November-Dec-2012275,000
33Celebration of International Women Day at District levelAction Aid PakistanOrganize District level Awareness & Advocacy event 8 March-201360, 000
34Child Awareness WeekDevCon/ Save the ChildrenConduct awareness events 6 – 12 June-201358, 000
35Child Rights Situation Analysis -CRSADevCon/ Save the ChildrenConduct child rights situation in 55 Union Councils of District Sanghar through data collection and FGDs. July-2013275,000
36Institutional Strengthening & Advocacy Project Global Fund for Human Rights (GFHR)Institutional support of SDF on the basis of human rights advocacy campaign of indigenous Jul 2011 to Dec: 201320, 0000
37Child Right Advocacy Network (CRAN)DevCon / Save the ChildrenAdvocacy on child rightsJan 2013 to Dec: 20131120,000
38School Safer ProjectFocus Assistance/Plan Pakistan Empowering and capacity building of School safety committees and School Representatives Councils on DRR and Schools safety. Feb:2014 to 31st May-2015781,0000
39Computer Literacy & Dress Making Training ProjectSDFTrain 150 girls youth in Computer Literacy Dress making courseJanuary- December 2014 250,000
40Shelter ProjectRTI Provided 50 shelter to pro-poor of flood affectees 2011 in affected areas of SangharJuly-Dec: 2014672,500
41Enhancing Support for Youth’s Health in SindhCVP-USAIDEnhanced support for increasing opportunities for development of youth with specific focus on youth health issues in two District of Sindh Sanghar and Tando AllahyarMarch-2014 to 31st May-201559,99,400
42Education enrollment campaign - Street Theater for massesAlif Ailaan PakistanCreate awareness among parents of rural community and develop linkage with Education Department and CSOs for enhancing the school enrolment in UC Shah Sikandarabad. 30th Auguest-2015
43Education enrollment campaign – Community Sessions with Parents/FathersAlif Ailaan PakistanEnhancing awareness among parents/fathers and mothers for admit their children in schools. 9th & 10th October 201540,000
44Micro Project German Consulate KarachiProvision of Furniture and three rooms of library in three community schools in Achhro Thar. April to December-20161,847,000