SDF MK Brohi

Design of Solar System

Sr. #ProductUnitsWattageTotal WattsDaily Usage ( Hrs)Total Watts -hrs
for safety of battery proposed 01 charge controlers of 12v/110 Amp.
1DC fan 203672064320
2Energy Saver Lights 201224061440
Load = 5760WH
Current required for AplincesTotal watts/System voltage 80A
Average daily sunny hours in project area12hrs
Required Backup time1hrs
System Voltage 12V
Design of Battery
Backuptime (Hr)xLoad(watts)/System voltage 80Ah
add Eff. @ 90 %88.8888888889Ah
add 80 % DoD111.111111111Ah
Des Amp. HrsSay 111Ah
Proposed Battery Size 110Ah
No of Batteries 1.00909090909No
Say 1No
Design of Solar Panels
Current required for Applinces = total watts/system voltage80A
Current required for Battery = 60% DoD/average daily sunny hrs9.25925925926A
Total current required 89.2592592593A
Lets Take currents for applinces
Power for Solar Panel required = total current required x system voltage960W
add 20 % losses ( lossess + conductor effeiciency) 1152W
Proposed Size of panel 250No
No of Panels4.608No
Say 4No
Design of Charge Controller96A
Proposed Size of Charge controler 110A
No of Charge Controlers0.872727272727No
say 1No