SDF MK Brohi

Design of Solar System

Sr. #ProductUnitsWattageTotal WattsDaily Usage ( Hrs)Total Watts -hrs
1DC fan 203672064320
2Energy Saver Lights 201224061440
Load = 5760WH
Current required for AplincesTotal watts/System voltage 80A
Average daily sunny hours in project area12hrs
Required Backup time1hrs
System Voltage 12V
Design of Battery
Backuptime (Hr)xLoad(watts)/System voltage 80Ah
add Eff. @ 90 %88.8888888889Ah
add 80 % DoD111.111111111Ah
Des Amp. HrsSay 111Ah
Proposed Battery Size 110Ah
No of Batteries 1.00909090909No
Say 1No
Design of Solar Panels
Current required for Applinces = total watts/system voltage80A
Current required for Battery = 60% DoD/average daily sunny hrs9.25925925926A
Total current required 89.2592592593A
Lets Take currents for applinces
Power for Solar Panel required = total current required x system voltage960W
add 20 % losses ( lossess + conductor effeiciency) 1152W
Proposed Size of panel 250No
No of Panels4.608No
Say 4No
Design of Charge Controller96A
Proposed Size of Charge controler 110A
No of Charge Controlers0.872727272727No
say 1No
for safety of battery proposed 01 charge controlers of 12v/110 Amp.