Batool Fatima – Ambassador/Change Agent of DRR

Before the intervention of Safer School Project teachers and students can’t aware from the different concept of Disaster Risk Reduction –DRR. After intervention of the Safer School Project and formation of Student Representative Council-SRCs in each school and conduct orientation sessions, mock drills and training of SSC and school based sessions.
Miss Batool Fatima Khaskheli took an interest. First time she has presented very informative, attractive speech on first School Safety Day on 16th May-2014 then she has elected as Chairperson of SRC of her school.
She has taken sessions about DRR of other students and now she has passed the class 5th and she is leading students of High Schools and she take part in every educational program in the area and presented good speech. Miss Batool Fatima is working as ambassador/ change agent about the DRR and climate change. She is well aware from child rights.

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